How to Get Free Internet to Work (5 Genuine Tips You Need To Know)

Free Internet is everywhere all we need is to know that particular location and are good to go. I will not be asking you to complete any survey or to do some cheap tricks to get free internet because those are foolish tricks to believe on.

When we need free internet? It is when we got our data plan exhausted or for completing any work. It depends on us.

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So here are some genuine tips that I always follow during my day to day life to get free internet.

How to Get Free Internet to Work (5 Genuine Tips)

1. Find Free Local Hotspots

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Free local hotspots are something that you should consider when it comes to getting free internet. There are tons of free apps on playstore that you can install to find these free local hotspots, but not all of them are genuine. You have to be smart enough in identifying these apps because there are some applications which takes your personal information for no reason.

I use an application called WiFi maps to find these free local hotspots. To be honest, I was thinking this app is the same as other applications out there but no I was wrong, when I started using this app, I found two owners who share their password publicly. I then tried connecting to those hotspots and guess what, It worked and I am writing this article by being connected to one of them.

2. Use Public WiFi

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Using public WiFi is one of the most easiest way to get free internet. You can find public wifi in most popular places like airports, malls, restaurant and hotels, etc. So remember, if you are in a public place making sure you check for their free hotspots.

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3. Use WPS Connect Trick

Many times WiFi owners forget to turn off WPS functionality of their router. In this case, it becomes very much easy to connect to their WiFi network.

There is a video here that will drive you through the whole procedure.

4. Check your Broadband Plans

broadband connection

If you are using a broadband service then there are some chances of getting free internet hours. Ortel Communication which is Odisha’s leading ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides free internet hours to their customers. For me this ISP provide 6 hours of free internet which starts from 12 A.M to 6 A.M. It requires no specific plan to take this advantage.

I am not sure if all service provider provides this additional benefit, but it is better to ask them if they do.

5. Ask your Neighbours

asking neighbour for wifi

I know this sounds silly, but this is something that we should consider. Don’t ask your neighbour all of a sudden, if you are having a good relationship with your neighbours then it becomes easy but don’t make it an awkward situation. Just be frank and give them a proper reason to make them feel the urgency.

Wrap Up

These were some of my tips you can follow, if you know any other ways of getting free internet then let me know by leaving your feedback down below.

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