How to Earn Money from Telegram – 7 Amazing Ways

Do you want to make money from Telegram? Is it even possible? If you are wondering about making money from Telegram then let me tell you, it is possible. Let’s find out how to earn money from telegram.

Telegram is one of the most fastest-growing messaging app right now and I have noticed, the growth exploded in these last 2 years and the reason behind this was telegram channels getting viral.

how to earn money from telegram

You can easily earn $200/month with Telegram without any investment. However, to make that happen you need to cook your Telegram account to make it a money-making machine.

It is not like, opening a Telegram account and expecting for money to get deposited in your bank account within a few days. You need to work for months to get an audience then you can start making money.

What do I mean by Telegram’s audience? You might not be knowing, Telegram provides a feature of creating a channel.

A channel is a tool for broadcasting your message to a larger audience.

You can gain unlimited subscribers only if you are uploading a good content there. From a good content I mean, you are providing some values to the people.

Several media organisations and public figure uses a telegram channel to stay in touch with their audience but don’t think that you cannot create one.

I have seen people creating channels and share stuffs like movies, tv-series, presets, software and a lot more. They easily gain thousands of subscribers because of the demand.

For instance, there is a channel called Primeroom on Telegram. This channel share the latest movies and shows. I had subscribed this channel five months ago, at that time it was having around 15k subscribers.

primeroom having 80k members subscriber in their channel

You won’t believe, the growth was pretty amazing. Primeroom gained over 65k subscribers in the last five months and now it has over 80k subscribers. Crazy right?.

But wait, what about how to earn money from telegram? Guys one thing you should always remember is, if you have a platform with a decent amount audience then it opens different opportunity for you to make money online.

Do Primeroom channel on Telegram is making money? Of course, and I am pretty sure this channel is making a quite good revenue out of it. I will tell you “how?” later in this post.

So now let’s see some possible ways you can consider to monetize your telegram channel.

How to Earn Money from Telegram – 7 Amazing Ways

1. Do Promotions

doing promotion is a best way to earn money from telegram

If your telegram channel is having a decent subscribers then it opens an opportunity to make money by promoting any product or service.

Plenty of people search for platforms where they can promote their product or service, you can help those people in promoting their product/service and in return, you can ask for your fees.

I will suggest you to ask bloggers those who are willing to promote their blog. Try not to pick any random blogger, always try to search for bloggers relevant to your niche.

2. Ask for Contribution

When it comes to “How to earn money from Telegram” then asking for contribution/donation is one of the best ways for generating a good revenue.

Don’t think asking for contribution is a cheap technique to make money from telegram because if you are providing value to your audience and investing your time to make them happy then it is your right to ask for a contribution.

People will happily contribute because you are helping them to get what they want.

This is one of the ways through which Primeroom is generating revenue from his amazing audience.

3. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing is a best way for how to earn money from telegram

Another great way to earn from telegram is to do Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people or company’s product/service.

You can promote any product or service relevant to your niche and make a good commission if any conversion is done.

For instance, if you have a telegram channel where you share information related to blogging, then there you can share affiliate links of hosting services or promote any author’s blogging guide to generate an income.

4. Short Links

short links is a best way for how to earn money from telegram

In a Telegram channel, most of the time you will be dealing with links to pass on any information or files.

What if there is a way to make money from link clicks? Yes, some link shortener websites helps you to generate some extra money on link clicks.

There are several money earning telegram channels generating a decent revenue from short links.

Here are some link shortener websites to consider:-

  • Adf.LY
  • Shorte.ST
  • ShrinkMe.IO
  • Shortzon.COM

5. Sell Your Products

sell your products on telegram channels

If you have your own brand then you can promote it to a larger audience through your telegram channel.

Telegram channels have a higher engagement rate than other platforms like Facebook and Instagram because on Telegram your audience get constant notification of any updates.

So the more members you have the higher chances of getting your product sold and earn money from telegram.

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6. Promote YouTube Channels

smatphone with youtube logo

Plenty of beginner YouTubers might be interested in promoting their channel to gain subscribers.

You can help them to get subscribers by promoting their channel and in return, you can ask them for your promotional cost.

Always try to charge a decent price one can afford.

Do not go too high with your price as it lowers the chances of getting a proposal.

7. Drive Traffic to Your BLOG

driving traffic to blog for making money from telegram

This is an indirect way of making money through Telegram and even this not for everyone. If you are a blogger then you can do something called cross-promotion.

Here you send your telegram channel’s audience to one of your blog, in this way you are generating traffic which will help you to make money, however, that depends on how you have monetized your blogging platform.

Wrap Up

So these were some of the tips on “How to earn money from Telegram“.

If I summarize the whole point then, I will say, there are many ways through which you can earn money from telegram, but all you need is a decent audience.

If you get successful in driving telegram channel members then making money from telegram becomes an easy piece of cake.

Still wondering how to earn money from telegram? This only depends on how much effort you put into this work.

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