7 Best Hidden Ways How to Make Money from WhatsApp [$400+]

Do we have an opportunity to make money from WhatsApp? This question was triggering my mind all over day and night. As there is no official way to make money from WhatsApp, I left hope. Surprisingly, that’s not true at all, to make money with a WhatsApp account, there present different indirect ways.

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In this blog post, you will get to know some of the ways & strategies to earn money from WhatsApp. Also, I will show you some of the proofs.

How WhatsApp Make Money?

Have you ever wondered how WhatsApp is making money? You might be knowing WhatsApp is a product of Facebook. In Facebook, we often encounter with different ads, ads are one of the sources of Facebook’s revenue.

You might have noticed, whenever you browse for a product in any e-commerce site, the same product sometimes appear in your Facebook’s feed. That’s because Facebook has a database which records your every activity. They use these activities to target you as a customer for their advertisers.

So how WhatsApp plays a role in this? As I have told you, Facebook manages a huge database and tracks your every activity. Likewise, WhatsApp helps in collecting more of your activities to Facebook’s database.

In WhatsApp, you will not see those typical ads, However, it is indirectly helping Facebook to make the task easier.

7 Ways to Make Money From WhatsApp

1. Affiliation

affiliate marketing to make money from whatsapp

Affiliate marketing is a way through which you promote different products or services & if any conversion occurs you get a commission.

By using WhatsApp, you can share affiliate links to your friends & relatives. And even you can place those links on your stories. If any purchase is made then you get a small commission out of it.

Affiliate Marketing on WhatsApp will be beneficial only if you have high-end contacts.

When to Share affiliate links?

Groups: Suppose you have a WhatsApp group of a specific niche, for example, let’s say you have a group of niche ‘technology’ then you can promote various gadgets but don’t forget to add value before you share an affiliate link.

No one is going to purchase unless you add value. So make sure you add value to your message before adding links. Value could be anything, it could be product explanation, product features & you can even explain how the product will be beneficial for them.

Suggestion: Sometimes, my friends & relatives ask for my suggestion before they purchase a smartphone because they know, I’m always updated with the latest smartphones in the market. So when I suggest, I add an affiliate link with my message, so if they like the smartphone & buy, it adds commission in my wallet.

Therefore, if something like this occurs. You can share an affiliate link & make some cash.

Story/Status: Another place to share affiliate links is your story/status. It never worked for me but I think you can figure out a decent way to promote product or services here.

If you are looking for promoting products, I will recommend you to join Amazon Affiliate Program.

2. Short Links

short url to make money from whatsapp

Link Shorting is the most popular way to make money from WhatsApp.

Short Links are the links which is a short form of long links. People create these type of links to share resources. When a person clicks on it, first it shows ads & then redirects you to the main page.

You can also create short links & share it with your contacts. If someone click on it, you get paid. This will generate a passive income for you & I think it is the easiest way to make money from WhatsApp.

How to Increase the Click through rate?

To increase the chances of getting your links clicked by you contacts you can share the viral news, headlines or any trending topic.

If you are lucky enough, your message can go viral over the WhatsApp. And you make a good revenue out of it.

Some popular Link Shorter Websites to get you paid:

3. Cross Promotion

cross promoting to make money from whatsapp

Using WhatsApp to cross-promote your other monetized platforms can help you in increasing revenue.

I do have a YouTube channel & 20% of my traffic is sent from WhatsApp. It helps me in getting views and increase my revenue.

A lot of people make money from blogging. The first step to make it happen is to have a blog. To make money from blogging you need traffic. Here, WhatsApp can help you to gain visitors. In WhatsApp, you can create a group relevant to your blog’s niche, you can use that group to share your interesting articles & send traffic to your blog. As they interact with your posts, you make money (depends on how your blog is monetized).

4. Viral Scripts (Popular in India)

viral scripts to make money from whatsapp

If you live in India, you might have encountered with Wishing Messages. Wishing Messages include good morning wishes, festival wishes, gift offers and more.

Generally, these messages include a link. When you click on that link, you get land into a page which somewhat looks like the below image.

This landing page is a treasure for the creator.

The creator have monetized this page in various ways. It may include:

  • Google Adsense Ads
  • Affiliate Products
  • Own Product Placements & more
1 Day Approx Earning

I have seen people earning over $1000 per month with WhatsApp Wishing Scripts.

But that’s not easy how it sounds.

To earn a massive amount with WhatsApp’s Wishing Scripts, you have to make that script go viral. The more people it reaches, the more will be the earning.

Here you will make money from WhatsApp without any investment.

How to Get Started?

If you want to get started with setting up wishing script then you can watch this detailed video by Technical Ripon.

NOTE – This Video is in HINDI Language.

5. WhatsApp Marketing

whatsapp marketing to make money from whatsapp

This might sound crazy but yes you can use WhatsApp for marketing purpose.

Platform having an audience can indeed be used for marketing. If you have a group with huge members then you can get paid by brands to get their product or services promoted.

But the twist is you should have a targeted audience. A targeted audience can help you in getting right brands. For example, if you have a group where all your members are interested in beauty products then you can approach brands to sponsor you.

This gives a chance, instead of sharing affiliate links, you promote brands. All you need to do is grow your audience on WhatsApp & figure out the right way to approach these brands.

6. App Referral

refer apps and earn money from whatsapp

There are several applications on the playstore that pay you a bonus for each referral you make.

Some of the apps that pay you bonus for each referral:

  • Swagbucks
  • SurveyJunkie
  • Life Points
  • MobileXpression

The above apps focuses on different tasks that get you paid. By using these apps you can get paid to watch videos, reading emails, filling out surveys, playing games and more.

Additionally, you can get extra money from each referral you make. So here WhatsApp comes into play. By using WhatsApp, you can share apps’s referral links to your contacts, if they install you get extra income.

7. EarnKaro App

EarnKaro is an android app through which you can share deals and earn money. Whether you are a student, house-wife or anybody can earn a good income.

Many popular e-commerce sites like Amazon, Myntra, AJio and more have partnered with EarnKaro. Here you can earn unlimited money, you just have to share deals with your friends, family and relatives. If any purchase is made you get 10% to 20% commission. Yes, up to 20%, that’s huge.

The best part is, you can make a purchase from own link and earn some extra money.

Surprisingly, there is no withdrawal limit (Rs. 10 is negligible though).

Additionally, you can refer the EarnKaro App to your loved ones. You get 10% of the profit your friends & relatives makes.

It is true, there is no official way to make money from WhatsApp, however, making money from WhatsApp with some indirect ways is possible. All the ways discussed in this post is legit & people are genuinely making money.

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