Jio Mart ‘s New Earning Opportunity You Need to Know Now

Do you know JioMart is providing a new earning opportunity to the local grocery sellers? Jio had launched its Jio Mart on January 2020 in some cities of Mumbai. According to a recent update, JIO is planning to extend it in all over India. In the coming days, local sellers are going to get an opportunity to make money with JioMart.

What is JioMart?

jio mart website

JioMart is an e-commerce service. It is like a middle man between the customer and seller who delivers the needs of a customer. JioMart is working on an aggregate model. It connects online customers with offline stores.

Have you heard about Zomato or Swiggy? They are the food ordering apps and you use it to get your food delivered from local restaurants. JioMart is somewhat the same as them but the only difference is it delivers the everyday grocery needs.

In the upcoming days, Jio Mart is going to release its application for both android and iOS platform soon.

Who can take advantage of this opportunity?

If you are a local seller then congrats this opportunity is for you. Once JioMart is available in your city, you can join them as a JioMart distributor.

How to Join JIO MART as a Distributor?

website to become jio mart distributor.

For now it is available only for Mumbai. In coming days it will be available for different cities.

To join them as a distributor you can follow these steps.

  1. First of all, Go to JioCentral Partner website.
  2. Then on the page, click on become a distributor.
  3. For now, they are collecting information about how many sellers are interested to join their programme.
  4. If you are interested, then click on I’m interested and then fill up your details.
  5. After filling up the details, submit it and this will generate a lead for you. If their team like your profile they will contact you.

These leads will help them to select their sellers for JioMart. So, this is a huge opportunity for you.

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How Customer can place JIO Mart Order via Whatsapp?

  1. Users need to save the JioMart WhatsApp number 88500 08000  in their contacts.
  2. Once saved, send a Hi’ message to JioMart on WhatsApp.
  3. JioMart will reply with an automated text to your message on WhatsApp with a link to select your locality and products. Keep in mind that the link is valid only for 30 minutes after you receive it. You can send a ‘Hi’ again to receive a new link in case the original URL expires.
  4. Fill up the form will all the details and click ‘Proceed’.
  5. Next, JioMart will list all the products available for order in your area. Select the items you wish to order and then hit ‘Place Order’,
  6. The merchant will update you once the order is ready, following which you can head to the and collect your JIO mart order.

Wrap Up

JioMart is planning to cover 3 crore stores. Therefore, if you are a seller then this is an opportunity, you should not let it go. If you have any concern then let me know in the feedback box.

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