How to Promote Your Telegram Channel

If you are here, I am guessing, you must be having an existing telegram channel or planning to create one. However, the big question is how to gain channel subscribers? You will find videos and posts on growing other media but no one ever talks about telegram channels.

Telegram channels are indeed becoming popular nowadays. Secondly, people are making money from their Telegram Channels. However, you need a decent channel members before you think about monetizing your channel. It is quite obvious, you might not be knowing the ways to promote your telegram channel, that’s why you are here.

You will be glad to know, I have figured out some strategies that popular telegram channels use to grow their members.

Content is the King! Remember, you should always focus on posting quality content in your telegram channel. Because if your content is poor, then visitors might not even consider to subscribe. If in case someone will subscribe they may lose interest & leave because of the poor content.

How to Promote Your Telegram Channel?

1. Add Your Contacts

add your contacts to telegram channel

The easiest way to get telegram channel subscribers is to add your contacts.

In general, your contacts are basically your friends and relatives.

adding contact example

Inviting them to join will result in permanent subscribers. As they know you, they will engage with your content more. If your content is liked by them, they might recommend further, which increases the chances of growing your members rapidly.

Another way is to ask your contacts to share your telegram channel’s link within their contacts. It will create a chain, result in driving more and more people to your telegram channel.

2. Link Building

build links to promote your telegram channel

In Link Building, your job is to create some quality links to generate visitors to your telegram channel.

In my point of view, link building plays a crucial role in increasing your telegram channel’s member. Although, you will need to find a platform where you can create links for free. One such platform is Medium.

In Medium, you can write posts for free. Here, you can cover topics related to your telegram channel’s niche & add a backlink to your channel. If the visitors like the overall content of your telegram channel, then they might subscribe you.

NOTE – High-quality links across the web can help you generating visitors for a long run.

3. Search for Relevant Medium

Search for Relevant Medium

Spend your time in finding out some relevant platform for promoting your Telegram channel.

For example, if you have a channel that focuses primarily on beauty then you can look for Facebook groups that talk about this particular niche. Because here you are targeting people who are interested in the type of content you publish.

That was just an example, a relevant medium could be anything like forums, groups, pages, youtube channel and more.

4. Publish on Online Catalogs

publish your telegram channel on online catalogs

Try publishing your link in online catalogues because online catalogues send selections of chatbots to their subscribers in various categories and your bot can get to one of them.

Some of the free online catalogs are:

  • Botoboom
  • Storegram
  • Storebot
  • Telegrambots
  • Tchannels

You can find the full list of catalogs on a @tgcat channel.

5. Take Help of Spamming (Optional)

help of spamming to promote your telegram channel

I agree, spamming is not at all a right thing to do. But when it comes to growing a telegram channel, I see spamming as a great way to increase channel members.

You can spam in Facebook comments, YouTube comments and even you can collect emails & send your links. Keep in mind, it is not going to help you in the long run. Once crawlers detect you as a spammer then every platform will filter you out.

My recommendation will be to take help of spamming for a short period. Do not overdo it. Set a goal of 10 spamming per day, the more you do, the more increase in chances of getting caught.

6. Take Help of Quora

quora to promote your telegram channel

Quora is a wonderful place to write.

It is a platform where people ask questions and get answers from other Quorans (member of the Quora community).

How this is going to help you? You will find various questions related to various topics. As you are comfortable with your niche, you can select a question related to that particular niche & answer it.

For example, if your channel is based on fashion, then you can find question related to fashion & answer it.

Don’t just type anything that cracks up your mind, always try to answer a brief explanation that adds a value to the overall question. It allows you to add a link to your telegram channel at the end of your answer (footnotes).

*Bonus Tip*

I have seen people asking a question i.e “What are the best telegram channels?”, you can take pretty much huge advantage of this. You can answer it & include your channel in the list. That’s a free way to gain initial visitors.

7. Paid Ads

advertise your telegram channel

If you have a budget but don’t have enough time to search and study the details, switch to the advertising stock exchanges and advertising space selling channels.

There are two best platform, & to promote your Telegram channels. You can take help of these advertising media to get an interested targeted audience.

Ads can help you grow faster than anything but you have to spend money for it. Take your decision wisely, how you want to promote your telegram channel.

8. Promote in Other Channels

promote your channel in other channels

Promoting your telegram channel in some other big channels can be a game-changer. Experts recommend you to search for big channels that benefits you. The admins of these channels are ready to promote your content if you have a good budget.

Although, you can also target bloggers. Bloggers can recommend your resource for free if it is young, small and contains high-quality information.

How to Promote your Telegram Channel on Facebook?

1. Groups

There are thousands of Facebook groups where you can promote your telegram channel ‘s content. All you need to do is find the right group related to your niche & start promoting your content. Don’t be a spammer, respond to different comments in posts and link your channel, if necessary.

Additionally, you can create your group and add people. If you do it well, you can create a good community.

2. Pages

Facebook pages are a great way to make content go viral. If you take help of pages and create quality content regularly, it has chances of getting viral. As a result, it will be beneficial for your telegram channel ‘s growth.

So that was all, how you can promote your telegram channel. If you have any queries feel free to drop it in the comment box. And if you know any other methods then do let me know. You can thank me by sharing this post.

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