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Redbubble Review | When people search about making money online, they always come across freelancing sites. Freelancing sites are pretty amazing to make money out of your skills, but these sites are over-saturated.

The competition in freelancing sites are very high. So if you are a beginner, you will face difficulties in getting your first client.

What’s the Solution? I will always recommend you to join platforms which work on a specific niche. For example, if your skills are to make designs, then look for a platform which focuses on selling designs.

In this post, you will be getting valuable information regarding a website called Redbubble. If you are looking for some extra income opportunity, you need to add Redbubble in your list of online jobs because it takes less than 30 minutes of your daily time.

What is Redbubble?

For Customers – Redbubble is like any other e-commerce site where people can do shopping of clothing, phone cases, wall art, home & living, accessories, stationery and more.

For Sellers – Redbubble is like a money-making machine. Sellers can use this platform to sell products with their design on it.

Redbubble Review – How it works?

How to get started?

You can get started with Redbubble in just five easy steps.

redbubble review sign up


To open a seller account, you have to first visit Redbubble Seller Signup page.


Then enter your e-mail, a unique user name and password. If you want to get notified about special offers then don’t forget to checkmark the box.


redbubble dashboard
Redbubble Dashboard

After you have filled the requirements, click on sign up button, this will redirect you to the dashboard.


Next, you have to complete your profile by setting up the shop. On the dashboard, it will prompt you to set up the shop.

set up shop in redbubble

Go ahead. And add your profile picture, cover, social links (if any) & add a short bio that attracts customers.

Note – The cover needs to be attractive. Don’t just put a random picture into it, take your time and create a good looking cover. You can include your designs in cover, if you have one.


Once you fill up all your necessary details, click on save changes. Now you are ready to upload your designs.

How to Create Art for Redbubble?

Before you upload a design, you need to have one.

Whether you are student, house-wife or anyone, you can easily create some cool looking designs right from your smartphone. You not necessarily require high end laptops with advanced software to work on this platform.

There is a free mobile app on the playstore, you can take help to create your designs with ease. The application is called Logo Maker, Logo Design, Graphic Design.

Create Art for Redbubble
Create Art for Redbubble

With the help of this application, you can create good looking logo designs & graphic designs within minutes. You will find ready-made templates, logo ideas, design ideas and more.

Once you get acquainted with this app, making designs will become a easy piece of cake for you.

Don’t worry much about what to design, just do it.

How to Upload Your First Design in Redbubble?

So you are ready with your very first design. Now it’s time to make it live for the people to see and purchase. Uploading a design is pretty simple.


Upload Your First Design in Redbubble

In dashboard, you will get to see a option to Add designs. Click on it.


Then click on Upload New Work.


It will then prompt you to add a file from your desktop. Choose the design, you have made.


Then fill up the appropriate title, relevant tags and description. Try to add good title & description which will excite your customers.

product previews

By scrolling a little down, you will find the auto-generated product previews with your design. It gives you a rough idea, how the design will look in each product.

If your design is suitable with any of the product then Redbubble’s system will automatically detect and put a tag of “ENABLED”. Like this:

If not, it will have DISABLED tag. However, you can manually decide whether you should keep it enabled or disabled.


Once you have completed filling up the necessary details, click on Save Changes.

This creates a store included with products (having auto-generated price). All the products will have your designs on it. But for now, you can only view the products. To make it live for everyone you have to fill up the payment details.

Redbubble Payment

How much you will make?

Redbubble pays you 20% commission of each sale.

It pays you through PayPal. Sellers get paid on the 15th of the month for the previous month’s sales. And has a minimum threshold of $20. So, if your balance is less than that, the payout will be delayed until you hit or exceed the threshold.

Overall, How does Redbubble works?

How does Redbubble works
  1. You upload your designs to products in your shop.
  2. Customers find and purchase products they love.
  3. Redbubble further produce the order and ship it around the world.
  4. Customer receive their awesome product and you get paid.

That’s all for Redbubble Review. If can spend 30 minutes of your day then you will be able to generate a good passive income. Therefore, I will suggest you to spend you time in creating cool designs and just upload it in Redbubble, who knows? if your one design will get viral you will make a massive amount out of it.

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