Top 11 Sites & Apps to Sell Photos Online and Make Money

Do you want to sell photos online and make money as a photographer? If that’s your wish then you are at the right place.

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We all click pictures and keep it in our storage devices as if these pictures have no value but do you know some photo selling websites and apps are paying good money for your photos. You can earn up to $500 for a single photo. Yes making $500 from a single photo is not a joke but for that you need to have good knowledge in this field.

Honestly, learning photography is not an easy piece of cake. You have to research just to learn the basics like ISO, Shutter Speed, Exposure, Aperture, Metering and much more. If you are a beginner, then I recommend you to learn the basics first. You do not need to go for any paid courses, you can easily get depth videos on YouTube. So, consider this point if you want to enhance your photography game.

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I have been following Saurav Sinha for two years to learn photography. His videos are detailed and informative. You can take a look at this channel to gain exposure to this field.

So, If you have the skill, then here are 15 photo selling websites and apps that can pay you for your amazing pictures.

11 Sites & Apps to Sell Photos Online and Make Money

Which type of photography should we consider?

Before we have an eye on these websites and apps firstly let us check out what are the photography themes we should prefer when it comes to selling your photos.

  • People at work
  • Nature
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Street
  • Landscapes
  • Creative Portraits
  • Animals

Top 8 Sites You Should Try

1. Shutterstock

shutterstock sell photos online

Shutterstock is one of the most popular photo selling website where thousands of photographers sell their images and earn a passive income. Moreover, It is just like a middle man between buyer and seller. Sellers are the contributors and buyers are the people who need it for their websites, social media etc. As it is a popular marketplace, lots of people prefer Shutterstock to buy images.

Can I upload any image and will it get accepted? No, Shutterstock maintain their standards for photos. They may reject your photos if your photos do not fulfil their standards. So, I will suggest you to read about their standards before uploading any image.

However, If you are optimistic about your images then give it a try.

2. Adobe Stock

adobe stock sell photos online

Adobe Stock is a giant in the stock photography industry same as Shutterstock. In Adobe Stock review process is very strict. I have seen some cases where images that had been sold on Shutterstock gets rejected on Adobe Stock, however, do not feel bad after reading this, you can still make your photos live on Adobe Stock. So, you just have to follow their guidelines because they have certain technical requirements and quality standards to become eligible for a stock photographer position.

Technical requirements

  • Submit images in JPEG format.
  • Use color space sRGB
  • Minimum image resolution: 4 MP (megapixels)
  • Maximum image resolution: 100 MP (megapixels)
  • Maximum file size: 45 MB (megabytes)
  • No watermarks or timestamps
  • Do not upsample your files; submit the maximum file size that your camera can produce.

Quality standards

  • Appropriately lit and exposed 
  • Without visible noise or dust
  • Well-composed
  • Processed inconspicuously

Once your photo gets accepted in Adobe Stock you can consider yourself as a good stock photographer.

Know more about Photo and Illustration Requirement of Adobe Stock.

3. SmugMug

smugmug sell photos online

SmugMug is a service where users can share and host their images. It is moreover an online video platform on which users can upload photos and videos.

SmugMug also allows their user to earn extra money by selling photos online. Here you have to create your shop and customize a price list for your clients.

Learn How to Get Started with SmugMug to Sell Photos.

4. iStock

iStock sell photos online

iStock is a microstock photography provider based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The website offers millions of photos, illustrations, clip art, videos and audio tracks. Here thousands of artists contribute their work in return of royalty.

How to sell your photos on iStock?

  • You have to choose your best photos with the highest potential
  • Ensure you own the copyright of the images
  • Visit the iStock website and then apply to become a contributor
  • Wait for the review process and then you can start contributing to the site if your application is accepted

So, you can also consider iStock when it comes to selling photos online.

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5. Fiverr

fiverr website

Another most effective way to sell photos online is to sign up for a Fiverr account. What is Fiverr? Fiverr is a popular freelancing market place where people sell their services. So with the help of Fiverr you can create an impressive Gig, A Gig is a service that you sell on Fiverr it comprise of your service description, your previous work, and most importantly amount you charge for the service.

Strategies you should follow to sell photos on Fiverr

  • Make your profile professional.
  • Focus on a particular niche.
  • Describe what special you can do for them. (for instance, you can add photo editing as an additional service)
  • Showcase your previous work. (Provide a link to your previous work if any)

Bonus Tip – Product photography is a better option on Fiverr.

6. PhotoShelter

photoshelter sell photos online

If you like the idea of selling your work but want to keep complete control and pocket more of the profit, you could consider setting up a professional photography website with built-in e-commerce from PhotoShelter.

Not only do PhotoShelter sites look beautifully modern, they are easy-to-use, offer secure cloud storage, client proofing, SEO and more, with PhotoShelter selling and licensing your work becomes easy.

7. Dreamstime

dreamstime sell photos online

Dreamstime is one of the most used microstock agencies, It is well thought of and reputable.

Application process involves having your work approved by editors, then you can start selling your photos. You will be receiving 25-50% royalty, an extra 10% per exclusive image you sell or you could sign to be a Dreamstime exclusive photographer and enjoy 60% royalties on all of your images.

8. Own Website

website under construction

Yes, you read it right! Making your stock photo website is also an effective way to sell your amazing photos. However, it will cost you an amount for building your website, for that you have to buy a domain, hosting and even you have to spend for promotion. So, if you are serious about making your website then check out this article by EnviraGallery.

Advantages of making your website

  • No middle person between buyer and seller.
  • Freedom of setting your price list.
  • You have control over how your photos are being displayed.

Top 3 Apps You Should Try

Don’t own a professional camera? Don’t worry if you love to take pictures with your smartphone. Smartphone users can also sell photos online to make money. So, here are some apps that pay you real cash for your photos.


agora sell photo online

AGORA is one of the most downloaded and top-rated photo selling app available on the playstore and app store which has over 1 million installs.

  • No membership fee.
  • No commission
  • Keep your 100% earning.

AGORA is a most trustworthy app you can get on the playstore right now. The best part of this app is you can sell one photo to multiple buyers. That’s true! you just need to upload once and keep on selling it.

Remember, you can upload smartphone clicked photos, but those photos needs to be well-composed. Overall, you should always upload good quality images.

2. EyeEm

EyeEm sell photo online

EyeEm application offers a huge market place photography. It is not only about selling photos but also creating a community to learn and explore from other talents out there.

You can upload as many photos you like and earn 50% of the selling price if you desire to learn while you earn consider joining this platform.

3. Clashot

I guess you might have heard about DepositPhotos before. It’s a global marketplace for photography. It’s quite popular among small businesses to get high-quality stock images for social media marketing at a decent price.

The easiest way to sell your photos at DepositPhotos is by using the Clashot app. One thing I liked in the Clashot app is that you will be able to earn more by participating offers. With offers, you can work according to client’s special request, who is looking for images on a specific topic.

6 Bonus Tips to Make Money As a Photographer

  • Make E-Book of your work and sell it on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.
  • Cover different types of events.
  • Charge for portrait photo-shoots.
  • Become a photo-editing freelancer.
  • Make an online photography course for Udemy.
  • Create your popular page on Instagram and get sponsored by brands.

Wrap Up

If you are serious about selling photos online as a photographer, consider above websites and applications. So try to sell photos online and make a passive income out of it.

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