9 Trending App Ideas to Make Money From AdMob

Are you planning to create an app to make money through AdMob? If you are here, I am assuming you might be knowing how to develop apps or looking for trending app ideas so that you can hire someone to make it possible for you. In this post, I am going to share nine trending app ideas that you can work on and make decent money out of it.

I have split it into three sections, i.e app ideas for beginners, intermediate, and advance. So as per your preference, you can pick one and start working on it. But before we jump into those ideas, there are some prerequisite if you are planning to make the app by yourself.

How to Make Apps? – Short Beginner’s Guide

What should I choose? Android app development or iOS app development

Android and iOS are the two most popular operating systems. I have worked with android application development. So I can say that Android app development will be a perfect choice to make money because a large population uses Android devices in their day to day life, so you can target those android users and make apps for them.

But sometimes that also depends on which country you are mostly targeting. If you are targeting the United States, then choose iOS because most people in the United States use iOS devices and the CPC of ads in the United States is higher than in any other country. The more the CPC, the more you earn.

How to learn Android application development?

  • Visit the official Android Developer website to understand the ecosystem.
  • Learn a programming language: You have to learn a programming language before you start with android application development. You can either choose JAVA or Kotlin (Google’s official language for app development).
  • Get Ideas about designing android apps: learn the basics of XML
  • Learn Android Studio
  • Create Your First App

How to learn iOS application development?

  • Choose your language: I recommend Swift because it is the future for iOS App Development.
  • Learn XCode IDE: Just like Android Studio, it is the environment where you will create the app.
  • Create sample projects

Trending App Ideas – Beginners

1. To-Do App

to do list app idea
Example of To-do list apps: Tick Tick

A To-Do list app basically keeps track of your daily activity & notifies about the work you have to do. This app can be developed by a complete beginner with a little research. But the fact is there are thousands of to-do list applications on the app store. So to stand out, you have to bring some superior features & functionality to this kind of app that makes it different from other to-do list applications.

2. Content-Based App

content-based apps like yoga tips

Example of content-based apps:
Yoga for Beginners

One of the most popular apps are niche-based content providing apps. The main purpose of such apps is to provide informative content on a particular niche. For example, if you are a fitness enthusiast, then create an app providing fitness-related tips & strategies because there are millions of people looking for apps to help them guide about how to stay fit and healthy.

It will need a good amount of research to write content and publish it into the app. It is just like a blog, but the perk is having such informative content at your fingertips. The success of this type of apps depends on how well the content is written. If your content is good enough, then succeeding with this type of apps becomes easy.

3. Weather Prediction App

Weather prediction Trending App Ideas
Example of Weather apps: Windy

Weather apps give you real-time weather and local forecast report. This type of app has millions of installs because people always want to stay updated with the current weather, saves time & send alerts on time. So working on these weather forecasting apps can be profitable too. But again, the competition in such apps are also high. To stand out, you need to think of a unique concept of getting notified about the current weather.

To make it more interesting you can add in-app notifications, create appealing visualization, rain prediction alert, humidity level, temperature trends, drought monitoring, etc. Where to get these data? There are several free APIs that provide weather data, such as OpenWeatherMap, Yahoo Weather, Forecast.IO, AccuWeather, and more.

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Trending App Ideas – Intermediate

4. Wallpaper App

Wallpaper app Trending App Ideas
Example of Wallpaper app: SuperWallpz

Wallpaper apps are always in trend. People always keep on looking for minimal and attractive wallpapers to customize their home screen & lock screen’s appearance. You can create an application and store attractive looking wallpapers in their so that people can use those to customize their screen.

I have created a wallpaper application know as SuperWallpz, the main concept was to store all the superhero wallpapers in one place. This app crossed one thousand installs in 5 months without any type of promotion. Therefore, I see good potential in it, so if you are interested in developing a wallpaper app, then you should definitely go for it.

However, I will recommend you to create live wallpaper apps or 3D wallpaper apps because here the competition is low & you can easily rank for it. Creating this kind of wallpaper apps can be challenging though.

5. Social Media Tool

Social media tool trending app ideas
Example of Social Media tool: Reels Downloader

The demand for social media tools are high because they make tasks easier. For instance, Instagram doesn’t provide any feature to download stories, photos, and videos through their official app, but there are thousands of such apps in app stores that can download these media within few clicks. These types of social media tools are always in demand, so working on these types of apps can be profitable.

Recently, Instagram has added reels to their official app where people can create entertaining short videos on Instagram. What if you create a tool that can download these short videos? It would be awesome, Right? So studying the market and trend plays a huge role in the success of these types of apps.

I have also worked on one social media tool called WhatsGallery. The concept is pretty simple, by using this app one can easily download someone’s WhatsApp’s story & can have a dedicated gallery for WhatsApp files. How cool is that?

6. Convertor Tool

Convertor tool trending app ideas
Example of Convertor Tool: image to pdf convertor

Another most popular kind of tool that generate huge installs are the converters. These tools basically solve day to day problem faced by most of us. For instance, there can be a situation when a person wants to convert a bunch of images into a well-organised PDF file so what if there can be an app that converts image to pdf within a few taps.

These types of apps can generate millions of traffic in a single day because the demand for such tools are high as they easily complete a major task within a few taps. More example of such apps can be:

  • Image to Gif converter
  • Text to speech convertor
  • Video file type convertor (eg. mp4 to mkv)
  • Video to mp3 convertor
  • Currency Convertors (for beginners)
  • PDF to word convertor
  • And more

Trending App Ideas – Advanced

7. OCR Text Scanners

Ocr scanner apps
Example of OCR Scanners: Text Scanner [OCR]

People use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) apps to convert paper documents into an editable softcopy. Before this technology, paper documents had to be retyped. This takes time and causes several typing mistakes. By using OCR apps, people can now scan any paper documents to recognize the texts inside the image & generate digitalized editable text.

The demand for this app is huge. If you do proper research and optimize your app for the app stores, then you can get a decent amount of installs in a short period of time. And you can make a decent revenue out of it as people use this app more often.

8. Photo Editing App

photo editing app idea
Example of Photo Editing app: PicsApp (unique concept)

Everyone doesn’t have the skills to edit photos using advanced editing software like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. Photo editing apps are quite popular among teenagers. They use these apps to optimize their pictures to give it a professional look. And photo editing app makes it possible to do tasks like cropping, adding colors, adding filters, changing resolution in a much easier way.

Therefore, a great photo editing app can be a game-changer.

If you are planning to make an editing app, then do your proper research and try to come up with something interesting that is not done by anyone. There is high competition in this type of apps, so try to bring something new to the market because that’s how you can stand out.

9. Media Lock

Media files protector app idea
Example of Media locks: Calculator Lock

Media locks are the utility tools where people can store their secret media files that they don’t want anyone to get access to. These apps enable a security layer, preventing people from spying or stealing your media files. There are thousands of such apps on the AppStore, but you can easily stand out with a unique concept of storing & protecting these files.

For example, What if we create a simple calculator app with a hidden media lock. In this concept, the main app has the functionality of a calculator, but by typing a secret code (known by the user only), it enables the media lock where you can find your protected files. Likewise, you can think of a unique concept and work on it.


While concluding, I’ll add that the success of an application depends on how unique & valuable is the app. Once you succeed with your application, generating thousands of dollars becomes an easy piece of cake. But for that, you need to create a stable and valuable application. All the trending app ideas shown above can make decent money from AdMob ads, so pick an idea that you think will work for you.

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