20+ Best YouTube Niche Ideas to Start Your YouTube Channel (Updated)

So you have decided to start your first YouTube channel, congrats you made a right decision.

girl confused in choosing a best youtube niche ideas for youtube

However, finding the correct youtube niche ideas seems to be difficult, but do not worry, by the end of this article, you will get your niche, to start working on.

Before we dive in, let’s talk about what is low competition niches for YouTube? Well, low competition niches are the niches that have high searches and have less creators working on it. According to me, if you want to drive views quickly in your channel, then you should consider this type of niches.

Don’t get me wrong, I know you must be having an interest in something that is not being searched by most of the people, this type of content is called unique content and you should start working on your own.

But I guess if you are here, you are genuinely looking for niche ideas.

How to find a low competition Youtube Niche Ideas?

To find a low competition niche you can use a free tool from Google, popularly known as Google Keyword.

It is pretty simple to use, and there is nothing much complicated about this tool, you can easily operate it in just two steps.

Step 1:

Open Google Keyword Planner website, then sign in using your Google account.

Step 2:

After this, click on ‘discover new keywords‘ and then search for your niche.

It will then show you avg. monthly searches of that niche.

If avg. monthly searches are good enough that means people are searching for topics related to this niche.

For instance, I want to create a channel based on ‘movie reviews’ for that I have to know first, if people are looking for it.

I can use Google Keyword Planner to get an idea about this particular niche.

searching for youtube niche ideas on google keyword planner

As you can see in the above image, most people are searching for movie reviews that means this niche is good enough to start working on but again, it’s all about your interests.

How to pick the best YouTube Niche?

Before we take a look at 20+ YouTube Niche Ideas, let me tell you how you can pick the right one.

Many people do not consider their expertise, they just start making videos copying their favourite YouTuber. However, this is not going to take you anywhere due to lack of originality.

You will always get confused what video to make, next day.

What to do? I will suggest you to pick one niche which excites you the most because that will be the most genuine content ever.

For example, if you have Photoshop skills then teach everyone with your videos, if you know how to cook then share your awesome recipes with the world.

Again, It is all about your interests.

20+ Best YouTube Niche Ideas to Start Your YouTube Channel

1. Technology

technology as a youtube niche idea

If you love to explore new gadgets, new android apps, have some tricks to share etc, then this is one of the best youtube niche ideas to consider.

Although, there is a huge competition in this niche but you can uniquely present your content to stand out from others.

Topics You Can Cover

  • Gadget Reviews
  • Android App Reviews
  • Unboxing
  • Tutorials (How to videos)
  • PC builds
  • Tech News
  • Tech Hacks etc.

2. Gaming

a boy playing game on his pc

Love to play games? If yes, then you are also eligible to start a YouTube channel.

Gaming community is growing gradually, a lot of YouTubers have achieved the milestone of 1 million subscribers just by playing games. Cool, Isn’t it?.

However, your presentation should be unique if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Topics You Can Cover

  • PC/Console Game Reviews
  • Graphics Card Review & Testing with different games.
  • Game-play Videos
  • Gaming Tips & Tricks
  • PUBG (Popular) etc.

3. Vlog

Vlogging is one of the finest YouTube niche ideas and one of the highest paying topics on YouTube, However, you need to work a lot to become a successful vlogger.

Most of us misbelief that vlogging is all about showing an expensive lifestyle, cars, bikes and all, but it is not true at all.

You can be a vlogger too only if you are willing to share your life with the world.

If you are a regular person, pick up your camera and start recording your day and put it on YouTube, but remember, you should have some story to tell because without a story your vlog will have no value and people will stop watching and engaging with your videos.

To become a successful vlogger there is a powerful tip, just DON’T FAKE.

Here is a video by Alisha Marie, she will give you an idea How to Be a Youtube Vlogger. Check it out.

4. Photography / Film-making

girl capturing images with her camera

If you are excited about photography and film-making stuff, then you can become a part of this community.

You can make videos, teaching people how to take better photos, guide them about cameras, show them how a film-making process looks like and you can cover much more in this niche.

Topics You Can Cover

  • Camera Reviews
  • Teach about photography / film-making
  • Make short films
  • Tutorials
  • Photo / Video editing
  • Vlog on life of film-maker/photographer

5. Movie Reviews

girl watching movie to make a youtube video

Every Friday there is a release of one or more movie. Undoubtedly, people keep on looking for good movies to watch, to make their weekend enjoyable.

So if you are a movie freak then you can help them decide which movie is worth watching.

You can become a movie critic by sharing your experience, thoughts, good & bad moments and much more.

Movie review is one of the best YouTube niche ideas which will give you traffic instantly because every new movie is a trending topic & most people are searching for it.

6. Reaction Channels

jaby koay and achara reacting to fat to fit transformation of amir khan

Reaction Channel is the fastest-growing niche you can work on.

This will be only profitable if you live outside India because it is seen, Indian people love to watch foreigners reacting to Indian content.

The best example is Jaby Koay.

Jaby Koay is the highest subscribed reaction channel you can find on YouTube. His targeted audience are from India because he usually react to Indian movie trailers, songs, skits, viral contents and much more.

Did he achieved all his subscribers just by reacting? No, I agree he uses Indian content, but you will notice he always share his thoughts after reacting to the content, which makes him noticeable and people love to watch him. So, try to engage your audience as much as possible.

7. Sketch / Painting

a girl drawing sketch

Do you have a sketch artist inside you? If yes, then congrats, you are also eligible for creating a YouTube channel.

I have seen some of my friends who have the talent of drawing beautiful sketches but they think, it has no value in their life.

I suggested one of my friend to start a YouTube channel and he did so.

He was getting good response in the beginning but because of inconsistency, his channel‘s growth went down.

So, if you are going for this niche you have to be consistent in uploading.

8. Cooking

cooking as youtube niche ideas

Cooking is also one of the most popular YouTube niche ideas, if you know how to cook then you can share your recipes with the world because there are always people who want to learn how to do it.

I even keep on searching for new recipes occasionally. I have learned how to make pizzas at home. I have learned how to make a cake with just three ingredients. Like this most the people search for different recipes daily.

So, you can consider recording your recipes and putting it on YouTube.

9. Social Experiments

You might have seen videos where a child is asking strangers to open up the beer.

This type of videos are created to check, how people react to this situation. Social experiments are a kind of psychological research for testing people’s reaction.

Making this type of videos are not so easy, you need proper research and a team to execute all these. However, this type of videos cross millions of views only if your video delivers a strong message.

10. Prank Channels

prank channel as youtube niche ideas

Prank channels are again the most popular YouTube niche ideas, you can pull good pranks with your family members and upload it on YouTube.

However, pulling pranks in public is quite difficult for an individual.

  1. You need someone with you, who could handle the camera.
  2. You should be ready to face the anger of people you are going to prank.
  3. You need to ensure that filming is allowed in the area you want to prank people.

If you are a beginner try to pull pranks with your family and friends because they’re most likely to forgive you when they realize it was just a prank.

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11. Educational

educational youtube channel

We have different educational website which provides paid courses.

In those websites you make video courses for the people and they purchase it from you, it helps in generating good revenue. However, some people can’t afford those courses, they keep on looking for free courses on YouTube.

So, if you know any skill, you can help these people to get started.

You can monetize your channel with the help of the ad-sense partner program and a good revenue also.

12. Guide about YouTube

teaching about youtube

People those who plan to start a YouTube channel always keep on looking for different ways to grow their YouTube channel. So, if you have a decent knowledge about YouTube then you can help them out.

If you are a beginner, I won’t suggest you to guide people about YouTube.

Do it only when you have gained decent knowledge on how to start a youtube channel and make it a success.

13. Guide about Blogging

teach about blogging

Blogging is one of the hot topic in make money online industry.

Thousands of blogs are created each day.

People usually keep on searching for different terms related to blogging like which hosting to buy, where to purchase a domain, what is SEO and a lot more.

If you know about blogging or digital marketing then you can guide these people through your YouTube videos.

Blogging as a YouTube Niche Ideas has highest CPM(Cost Per Mile).

14. Beauty

beauty as a youtube niche idea

You can find hundreds of beauty channels on YouTube and you can be a part of this community.

The general idea of a beauty channel may be unoriginal but there are even more gaming channels out there but still, new ones pop and gain success.

What differs the people who succeed seems to be a passion, if you’re truly passionate about doing it not just for fame you will be overall much happier no matter what the outcome is.

15. Comedy / Vines

comedy as a youtube niche idea

Do you have good humour? If you can make someone laugh, then you can upload videos on YouTube.

Making people laugh is an excellent way to boost your subscribers. However, that’s not easy how it sounds to be.

In this niche, you have to spend time on finding the correct way to present your humour in front of people because comedy is subjective, what works for some people might fail to even put a smile on others.

The only way to succeed is be yourself.

16. Facts

unicorn standing

Did you know, bees sometimes sting other bees? Did you know, unicorn is the national animal of Scotland? What if Mosquitoes were the size of humans? Isn’t these facts amazing?

You can research on different facts and make a dedicated video on it, you won’t believe, people enjoy this type of videos to satisfy their curiosity and spend their massive amount of time watching it.

There is a channel called What If, they are driving over millions of views with this type of videos.

You can consider this YouTube niche Ideas, if you are comfortable in doing research work because this topic needs a lot of research to be done.

17. Motivational / Inspirational

man walking down the streets

In this world, Every person will be going through something in their life and sometimes they fail to manage different aspects of life.

Motivation plays a very important role in one’s life.

If you are a person who has understood the meaning of life can help these people to become self-motivated. You can inspire them to do good deeds in their lives.

18. Fitness / Health

girl doing fitness exercise

Everyone search for workout advice on the internet, videos are considered as the effective medium of getting this advice.

If you are a fitness freak, you can make workout advice videos and share them with your subscribers. You can give tips on what has worked for you in the gym and show them how they can implement it.

You can help them choose the right diet plan and guide them all about staying fit and healthy.

19. Programming / Coding

code written on laptop screen

Do you know how to write codes? If yes, then start a youtube channel today because this niche has many topics to cover.

You can find many channels like CleverProgrammer, Hitesh Choudhary and more, teaching thousands of students on how to write codes.

I do follow them to learn about programming.

So if writing codes is what excites you the most then you can start making videos related to this niche.

Topics You Can Cover

  • Programming Language
  • Project Discussion
  • Coding Challenge
  • Problem Solving
  • Explaining various terms
  • Tips on programming/coding
  • Live Projects and more

20. ASMR

ASMR? You might be hearing this term for the first time. Curious? even I was.

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. Wooh!

ASMR is a kind of brain massage that begins on the scalp and moves down the body. It is triggered by sounds such as whispers, accents, and crackles.

People feel relaxed when hearing this type of sounds, it helps to reduce stress level, improve the sleeping process and improve the digestion process.

You won’t believe you can gain millions of views if you start working on this topic. This is one of the high traffic giving YouTube niche ideas you can work right now.

Here is a example video of ASMR video,

21. Public Interviews

a girl taking interview of two guys

Public Interview is where you ask people about different controversial topic to share their opinion.

This is one of the most interesting YouTube Niche ideas you can work on. However, like pranks and social experiment, you will need a team to work with.

22. Animation / VFX

set images of civil war vfx behind the scenes

If you know, how to create 3D animation or you have the knowledge on different software used to create impossible then you can rock this niche.

You can make videos on various VFX tutorials, blender tutorials and even you can guide people, how they can make their career in VFX because, to be honest people don’t see this as a career option.

So this is one of the low competitive YouTube niche ideas you can work on.

23. Music Videos

girl listening to music

Do you love to sing? If yes, YouTube is one of the best platform you can to show your singing talent.

You can cover new trending songs and can gain audience quickly, but you might face issues related to copyright.

There is a whole process of getting permission to use copyrighted songs for your videos.

Once you get a copyright, it becomes difficult to earn from Google ads, but Hey! Don’t worry, you can generate good revenue from brand promotion and sponsorship.

24. Unique Ideas

unique ideas as a youtube niche ideas

When someone asks me, what is the best YouTube niche ideas above all? I always answer them by saying “Unique Ideas”.

Why unique ideas are considered as the best YouTube niche ideas?

  • No Competition
  • You are the only one, covering that topic.
  • Audience get something new to watch
  • Good for long term

Although, you have to struggle a lot in the beginning because unique youtube niche ideas take time to reach the audience as they are not being searched often, they are discovered.

Wrap up

I think you might have got your YouTube niche ideas to work on. Do not overthink, just pick any one of the YouTube niche ideas and start working on it.

Remember, your passion and interest is what matters the most in selecting a good YouTube niche ideas.

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